Use and maintenance

Cadore craftsmen have dedicated hours of patient work to create their furniture products. Wood is a natural material, featuring unique details, veining and shading that make furniture items in turn unique, even with respect to their corresponding display products in showrooms and catalogues. It is therefore important to look after these precious objects in order that they maintain and increase their value over time. Since the days of old, the furniture in high-society and noble residences has been carefully protected and polished by housekeepers using heated raw beeswax, brushing away any excess wax and finally polishing the furniture with a woollen cloth.

Cadore furniture is produced by combining wood with high-tech materials, which nonetheless require certain levels of simple care to maintain their condition and beauty over time. It is furniture designed and produced for interior use, and therefore even if protected, we cannot guarantee its functionality and duration if exposed to the weather. It must not be exposed to direct sunlight, which may cause fading phenomena and inevitable variations in color.

Wood may be permanently damaged by prolonged contact with water and other liquids, or even with steam.  Therefore, it is important to follow a few simple rules of use, maintaining the environment in normal conditions of daily use (temperature between 15°C and 30°C and humidity between 40 and 70%). If used in environments such as the kitchen or bath, where heat and moisture may accumulate, it is good practice to aerate and ventilate rooms after use to guarantee the proper exchange of air and the restoration of normal environmental conditions.

The furniture can be cleaned using a soft, slightly moistened cloth, promptly removing the source of the dirt or stain, without using any types of solvents or abrasive detergents. After cleaning, always dry immediately. Do not rest hot objects on the surface of furniture (pots fresh off the stove, teapots, etc.) or lit objects (cigarettes, candles, etc.), and do not leave or rest heavy objects that may scratch the surface without due care.