For Cadore, creating luxury living room furniture means imagining a place where each individual’s lifestyle is perfectly reflected by their choice of furniture.

Only thanks to the care and expertise of expert Cadore craftsmen is it possible to guarantee each and every lifestyle perfect expression through the creation of a highly personalised environment, able to portray both character and individuality.

The living room is in fact a very important calling card, the perfect place to welcome guests, enjoy pleasant conversation, but also to relax. The culture of beauty, of research, of luxury, represents a synthesis of Cadore creativity in the creation of its “living” ranges that go by highly evocative names such as “Divina” and “Ca’ Duse”, whose settings, just like in the most suggestive city in the world, give life to unforgettable moments.

Precious materials, harmonious contours and maximum comfort, united by their relentless search for perfection, are the distinguishing elements highlighting the passion and work of Cadore in its production of luxury living room furniture:  all distinctive and unrepeatable characteristics ensuring the uniqueness of Cadore living room ranges, made of components wisely selected and combined to achieve a harmonious encounter between the search for beauty and practicality.

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