The search for perfection in luxury living rooms

Creating a luxury living room furniture for Cadore means thinking of the place where the lifestyle of each individual is completely reflected in the choices of furniture.

Only thanks to the care and skill of the craftsmen of Cadore you can offer each lifestyle to its fullest expression through the creation of a highly personalized environment and that can express a character and individuality.

The living room is in fact a very important business card, the perfect place to receive its guests, for a pleasant conversation, but also to relax.

Culture of beauty, culture of research, culture of luxury, are the synthesis of creativity of Cadore in the creation of their own lines "living" of luxury living with strongly evocative names such as "Divine" and “Ca' Duse”, which, as in the most evocative cities in the world are the setting for indelible moments.

Precious materials, harmonious lines and maximum comfort combined with a tireless pursuit of perfection are the elements that distinguish the passion and work of the Cadore company in the creation of luxury furnishings: all those distinctive and inimitable features that make their living rooms unique products on the market, made of carefully selected components and combined to achieve a harmonious meeting between a search for beauty and functionality.

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