The unmistakable signs of craftsmanship for luxury furnishings

Taylor Made furniture

The choice of a "renewal in continuity" that distinguishes this new work in luxury furnishings, can be inserted if we want, in the concepts of "culture of the gaze". Culture of the gaze, because those of craftsmanship are among the privileged signs in the world and in their own way always and in any case consecrated.

To read them in the stratification of time and in the satisfactions of taste, is to understand that to live an identity is to go through a system of relationships, of constantly evolving and continually equal intersections, in the root, to oneself. This is finally our culture.

Therefore, a complex, composite idea, always flowing and in transformation of beauty that becomes the root of an identity: a gaze, in fact, that was born and is recognized in a culture.

A Cadore is interested in that culture that sins of classicism, of old elegance in a meticulous search for beauty and quality in luxury furnishings.