The innovative interpretation of luxury furniture by Cadore designers

Cadore interprets the concept of luxury furniture in a totally new way, relying on the creativity of revolutionary designers and attentive to new stylistic trends that interpret, with their personal sensitivity, the use of precious and original materials without renouncing the quality that the Company has always expressed in the most classic design.

It is a proposal that explores the meaning of a contemporary design through refined inlay work with polychromatic wooden essences, where the simple and clean lines of the collections appear almost antithetical to the complexity of the workmanship.

They are collections of luxury designer furniture characterized by a strong pictorial textile connotation, with futurist memories, to once again symbolize the strong link between tradition and innovation that distinguishes each production of the Cadore company. 

Elegance, functionality, character and high quality: an exciting journey starts from these essential values ​​to the discovery of stylistic contaminations, unusual and innovative materials that come from exotic worlds and different cultures that blend together, dialoguing, and seeking in their diversity a stylistic balance that moves from classic to contemporary.

It is with particular pride that we can consider the Designer line a flagship among the many Cadore products, which once again does not fail to amaze and delight its customers with the constant and patient search for excellence even in the most eclectic achievements and complex as a collection of luxury furniture, in the most typical and most complete expression of "Made in Italy" craftsmanship.

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