Luxury kitchens that tell stories of charm and functionality

Even when Cadore designs and manufactures bespoke luxury kitchens, the special attention afforded to every last detail of its products is immediately clear, where the exclusivity of materials and typically “Made in Italy” beauty enhances the appeal and style of past environments, in turn creating emotion.

The value of traditions inherent to handcrafted products is knowingly transformed into modern and captivating visual appeal.

Bespoke luxury kitchens designed by Cadore tell just as many stories of charm and practicality, whether through the warm atmospheres of the “Classic” range, made of soft lines and precious natural materials, the sophisticated and clean lines of the “Contemporary” range, able to create a natural yet exclusive atmosphere, or the romantic intimacy expressed by the “Provençal” range, made of warm colors, high-quality materials and the search for perfection reflective of local traditions.

The modularity of the electrical and built-in appliances is skilfully harmonised through the ad hoc composition of bespoke luxury kitchens, donating versatility and authentic personality to one of the most intimate and creative rooms of the home. For this reason, respected craftsmen, in collaboration with the most talented designers, work in symbiosis to create compositions that live up to the most exclusive expectations.

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