Kitchen & interior

Developing a luxury interior furniture project involving a kitchen, lounge and living area, for Cadore means interpreting and using a unique and personal style to create a magical and intimate space in which to enjoy alone-time, spend time with other people and experience day-to-day life surrounded by beauty and the things we like.

The commitment invested by Cadore into kitchen design involves the ability to oscillate between more classic environments representative of the Venetian territory and characterised by precious woods, exclusive textiles and baroque details, and more interesting interpretations of exotic, cosmopolitan and multicultural styles, brought to life through forms and pairings between more uncommon and original colours and materials.

The entire production of luxury interior furniture is experienced by Cadore as a continuous search for perfection and beauty, geared toward combining visual appeal and practicality; the use of high-quality innovative materials and the adoption of a modular system allowing customised volumes and components, offers infinite possibilities for the extension and personalisation of luxury interior furniture, thus satisfying the desire for uniqueness and exclusivity of the most demanding clientele.