Bespoke kitchens

A unique and personal style for bespoke kitchens

Creating a luxury furniture project, whether it is a bespoke kitchen, a lounge or a living area, for Cadore means interpreting and using a unique and personal style for the creation of a magical and intimate place in which to spend time, meet people and live their daily life, surrounded by beauty and what we like.

Cadore's commitment to the design of a tailor-made kitchen means being able to range from venetian venues, made of precious woods, refined fabrics and baroque details, to the most interesting interpretations of an exotic, cosmopolitan and multicultural taste, achieved through shapes and combinations of particularly unusual and original colors and materials.

Every realization of luxury furniture is experienced by the Cadore Company as a constant path of search for perfection and beauty, which aims to combine aesthetics with functionality; the use of innovative materials of high quality, together with the adoption of a modular and customizable system of volumes and components, allows the creation of infinite possibilities of expansion and customization for a luxury interior decoration that satisfies the need for uniqueness and exclusivity of the most demanding customers.