Contract & Project


Cadore designs and develops products for contract orders with the same care and passion applied to its entire range of production, driven by an additional sense of enthusiasm typical of particularly demanding projects, where the challenge is to portray the final image, personality and character of a hotel or any other structure to the end user through the constant search for style, beauty, innovative materials and complete modularity, in total harmony with the values and positioning of the client.



Among its strengths, Cadore has forever been able to count its use of traditional, high-quality materials including precious solid wood combined with prestigious finishes of ancient tradition such as gold leaf processing. Alongside classic production, Cadore has recently extended its use of innovative materials such as leather and metal, combined with the insertion of LED lights and even the highest quality marble to create special finishes and decorations.






Cadore creates and produces complete custom hotel furniture projects, approaching every order with the spirit and enthusiasm of a new challenge, aware of the need to outdo itself every time to find solutions to the unexpected problems or obstacles that may arise when developing ad hoc hotel furniture, experiencing and approaching custom designs as a stimulus, with the aim of continuously improving and raising the bar of its qualitative standards. Custom hotel furniture is without a doubt one of the sectors where Cadore is best able to express its skill and professionalism.



Cadore can be defined as a real example of industry 4.0, where industrial automation, featuring the most up-to-date technology and machinery, is used not only to ensure the best integration between production capacity and high product quality, but above all to guarantee contract clients the most advanced logistical and after-sales services, from pre-labelling for more streamlined stock management to the provision of assistance and maintenance services under warranty and subsequently managed via a digital platform.