An eco-sustainable choice for luxury furniture

An eco-sustainable company

Cadore is an eco-sustainable company, which lives its link with the territory as an essential element, characterizing and an integral part of its heritage of traditions and values. Sustainability is a term that identifies a strategic approach to the economic, social and environmental dimension that underlies every activity of the Company specialized in luxury furniture. Being an eco-sustainable company today means implementing a management of production processes according to standards that do not create environmental imbalances, and above all, it means the use of high quality materials whose processing residues do not negatively impact the environment, keeping the relationship unchanged of gratitude with nature and with the beauty of the territory in which the company operates.



Although operating in a high-tech industrial context, Cadore is equipped with a waste chip recovery system for energy production. For Cadore sustainability is a term with a very broad meaning, which extends to the work environment, where women and men collaborate, with the delicacy required for finishing and the strength necessary to shape the materials, to achieve excellent results in the production of luxury furniture. It’s an eco-sustainable company because it loves the nature that surrounds it, loves the people who work, contributes to the well-being of its employees and its customers, thinking about future generations. Products that last over time, respecting the time necessary to use them. Cadore is a company oriented towards respect for the environment, which thinks about the future of its territory, the satisfaction of its customers, the preservation of beauty.