Luxury furniture for every need, here are our departments

Organization and departments

Over the years the company has developed itself in a very structured way to achieve a level of quality higher and higher in the luxury furniture production, combining ancient family tradition processes with the latest technology, making skilful use of the skills and specializations of carpenters, polishers, fitters and all artisans who, like a group of tailor-made dressmakers, collaborate in the creation of a unique and unrepeatable product.

This growth was supported by significant investments in new property, installations, and in advertising, activity in the creation of sales networks, for the development and training of employees, constantly expanding its facility equipping of showrooms, warehouses and modern machining centers. All the processing phases are still done entirely by hand, such as the antiquing and polishing with multiple phases, up to pre-assembly and packaging: small steps, small precautions, essential to achieve excellence for the furnishings of luxury.