Works of artistic value for luxury furniture

That luxury furniture is an exclusive sector is quite obvious but finding a truly unique and high quality furniture is not that easy. To be able to add value to the furniture of one’s home or to any ambiance in general (including the rooms and spaces in luxury hotels) is an essential dowry for anyone occupying himself with interior design.

Cadore was able to contribute exactly this: uniqueness and exclusivity by offering a product which has been designed to the smallest details that cannot go unnoticed while keeping at the same time its elegance and personality. 

The pieces of furniture and furniture accessories Cadore were designed with the purpose to be integrated into the room as a result of the interior designer’s ability to grasp all the characteristic shades of high quality finishes that were chosen for Cadore products. Kitchens of contemporary look, light and vintage cabinets, sophisticated tables and chairssofas and pouffs in exquisite upholstery. 

If, to furnish your own home with taste, you decide to trust the professionals in this sector, you will see the difference it will make thanks to the peculiar coordinated sense of beauty: they can sagaciously include such furniture accessories to a room that has already been furnished to a certain extent as to define a specific style or elegant and exclusive taste in the ambiance.

Cadore and its luxury furniture gives architects and interior designers a sort of a palette of furniture pieces that can be used just the way an artist painter does in order to discover the most suitable colors for his painting. 

For a professional it is really very important to have at disposition a series of products that are synonymous to a brand but also such products that standing alone could be conceived and developed with high artistic value.

Works that could be considered finished products included in the architect’s store of knowledge to serve in case of need as an extra weapon, a jolly to be included in his projects for luxury furniture; useful for achieving harmony of all elements in the ambiance or to ensure prestige, to add something more with this branded and quality product.

Cadore products are all that: they are the added value because they are the result of research and development leading to exclusivity and prestige.

A direct example? Here is our pouff Dick and our cabinet For Him.

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