Transportation Of The Contract Furniture: An Important Responsibility

The management of orders for the production of Cadore-designed contract furniture, involves specific procedures.

This enables us to be able to provide tailor-made furniture, which is unique and precisely-constructed, both in terms of the quality of the materials used and the peculiarities of the working methods employed. To understand what we mean, just take a look at the prestigious inlay working we carry out that requires great passion and masterful craftsmanship, or the large selection of finishes we offer our valued customers.

But this is not all; it is our responsibility to provide quality contract furniture to a broad range of premises, villas or hotels, which may be situated anywhere in the world.

So once the numerous pieces that make up the furnishings have been made, we are faced with another task that must be managed with the same degree of professionalism as we dedicate to our production: transport.

The first thing to consider for the many components that will have to make the long journey is appropriate packaging.

Our furniture is transformed into “transportable packages” through the use of special packaging products, including: cardboard boxes, wooden crates, various types of cardboard corners, special nylon and polystyrene products designed to cushion vibrations, and a vast array of similar products.

It should also be highlighted that it takes a great deal of experience to prepare the packages correctly; even if the right packaging is available, it may not provide the right protection if used inappropriately. The next phase is to catalogue the numerous packages using clearly visible adhesive labels affixed to each package, which are then summarized in detailed lists in Excel files.

Our Furniture Shipped By Sea; Long Distances Don’t Stop Us

As well as production of the contract furniture, when organizing long-distance transport by ship, using containers booked by Cadore, all the bureaucratic aspects concerning the various customs offices involved during transport need to be managed.

It is therefore necessary to book and organize the various phases of transport in an efficient and timely manner, including dealing with all the relevant offices, in order to avoid any delays which can end up wasting considerable time.

Once the packages have reached their destination, the prestigious cargo will be delivered directly to the building site, where our chief technical representative, usually one of our architects, will be waiting to receive it; they will then manage all phases of assembly and handle any problems that may arise on location. The same technician will manage each and every delicate phase of assembly, including all organization and management of the teams of assemblers.

It is immensely rewarding seeing how the furniture in a 5-star hotel or a luxury private villa comes to life, knowing that such high quality contract furniture has not merely found its way there by chance, but has completed a journey of many hundreds of miles and reached its final destination in perfect condition!

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