The trend of the luxury furnishing sector, the pre-eminence of Cadore

When speaking about luxury wooden furniture, Italy with its world-renowned Made-in-Italy prestige ranks high in the most recent European surveys conducted. Considering for instance total turnover in the wood sector, Italy is second only to Great Britain.

This surprising statistic is due to the contribution made by Italian production of luxury furniture. Undoubtedly, this is characterized by its unmistakable design, but also by a production network, now more than ever in the furniture sector, that is constantly growing and developing, and which leads the way at a European level in terms of high-quality manufacturing.

Today, Cadore Interiors is a perfect example of this. Indeed, over the years we have succeeded in combining outstanding product quality, and production methods which are characterised by a combination of highly sought-after prestigious materials, and a level of craftsmanship which is second to none in the global luxury furniture market.

Cadore, a manufacturing process specifically geared towards the production of luxury furniture.

The management of Cadore Interiors has succeeded in the challenging task of assembling a highly-skilled and dedicated collaborators, resulting in an efficient and multi-talented team capable of managing all project development stages: from initial briefing of the design idea, through project development, production, and finally dealing with the delicate phase of organizing and ensuring the transport of valuable furniture, even overseas, and its final assembly carried out on site.

We have achieved this because over the years we have managed to develop fruitful partnerships with a broad array of specialists in the luxury furnishing sector, and to invest internally in machinery and a talented team capable of dealing with the most disparate requests from the world of luxury furniture bearing the prestigious Made in Italy label.

Furthermore, a distinctive aspect of Cadore Interiors’ production is the special attention paid to the choice of finishes for our products: prestigious materials combined with great attention to detail, such as wood and steel, marble from all over the world, masterfully-created inlays and finally painting and lacquering in a range of striking effects and hues. 

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