The story of Cadore Arredamenti: where it all began…

Cadore Arredamenti's adventure began in 1969, an individual company named after its founder, Bernardo Cadore, a young craftsman with strong entrepreneurial skills. Bernardo Cadore rapidly developed the small retailing business from modern household appliances, to which the first furniture components were subsequently added, and the first kitchens, to reach a dimensional expansion in a very short time by adding bedrooms, living rooms, bathrooms and furnishings in general.

Assisted and later pushed by his wife Antonia, Bernardo decided to equip the company with an autonomous productive structure: from local private homes, the initial target market, the company quickly began to attract new customers even outside of its own region, quickly gaining a reputation as a manufacturer of complete luxury furnishing solutions, able to satisfy every need.

Naturally, Cadore’s first phase of development was carried out in northern Italy, gaining an important presence particularly in Piedmont and Liguria. In the late 80s, the opportunity arose to take on the first assignments for contract furnishing projects, an entirely new activity for Cadore that led the small company to a rapid expansion, a different operating and planning method, which created the dedicated CONTRACT division. Among the first projects, we recall an intense activity for the tourism sector in Alto Adige and Sardinia, with the production of luxury furnishings of important residences.

In the mid-90’s, Bernardo and Antonia carried out an important acquisition that would translate for the company to substantial technical – productive improvements and specific competences in the research of innovative materials which would determine its further evolution in its capacity for projects and production, now being strongly positioned in the medium-high segment of the market for luxury kitchens.

Expands its production thanks to a company in the sector that produces and distributes high-end luxury living rooms and kitchens with its own brands: Oxford, Ca’Maser, La Castellana. This translates into new installations, new products, innovative designs and highly specialized artisans: a unique opportunity for a further dimensional and structural evolution of Cadore, which has its own sales network and gives a start to the structured distribution of its personal brand products through multi-brand dealers and exhibitors.

DIVISIONE INTERIORS was entrusted with managing this new company branch, where the first real collections of Cadore furniture were born, with the fascinating names of Ca’Duse, Canova and Elena. The Royal kitchen was created, which up to this day is Cadore furniture’s ultimate bestseller, which allows a rapid expansion in particularly demanding new international markets, like the Russian market.

In 2014 Cadore launched the EmotionWooden House project, a line of bio-constructed mobile homes for the tourism and hospitality sector managed by DIVISIONE LODGE: the launch of this line on an international scale was carried out by the Sun fair in Rimini, Sipac in Padova and the Montpellier Saloon, events that in the following years will constantly see the presence of Cadore Arredamenti.

A story half-a-century-long, a constant series of improvement and transformation, an evolution with no halt: all of this contributed to creating the Cadore of today, an advanced productive structure, 11 000 square metres of establishment, 50 employees and about one hundred collaborators. A non-stop journey towards increasingly ambitious goals.

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