The production line of Cadore, an insight to the production of handcrafted furniture

In the previous article we have reached the point where the detailed drawing of the handcrafted furniture is delivered to production in order to begin the real process.

The operator proceeds to picking up the panels from the warehouse and cutting all the pieces needed to make the required handcraft furniture. It is at this phase that the barcode labels identifying the project to which the particular pieces refer, are applied. Labeling has become indispensable as it provides the possibility for automatic loading of the project and for giving correct commands to the machine in terms of the different processing programs.

The sectioned pieces first pass through a squaring-edgebanding machine: a machine that teams the sectioned piece and makes them perfectly regular for subsequent processing. Also in this phase the piece is then edged with different types of edges according to the needs requested by the client.

The focus of the work takes place in the pantograph machines. Here the operator is actually engaged in the processing of individual pieces - all the operations for each particular piece of furniture are done: drilling, engraving, milling to lay the LED or other purely aesthetic processes. Today, using this machine, we are able to perform special operations even on non-wood materials
that were performed exclusively by carpenters in the past: now the first phases of processing are industrialized and subsequently they are controlled and finished by detail designer.

The next stage is the coating of furniture:

It is performed by specialized painters. The furniture is first degreased, then painted and proceeded to be given its top finish. This phase is performed entirely by hand based on the particular and customized finish of the piece of furniture, such as the application of gold and silver leaf.

Before proceeding with packaging and shipping, our specialized quality control team will carefully check and ensure that the newly handcrafted furniture meets all project details as they have been confirmed by the customer.

When the handcrafted piece of furniture is ready, it is sent to the packaging department where, in the case of shipment and assembly on site, every single piece is coded and put into custom-made packaging.

Here's how custom-made furniture is made: this is the production line of Cadore. It does not put an end to relations with customers, for whom we remain a point of reference also in the after-sales.

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