The intarsia woodworking on luxury furniture, everything started with …

The intarsia woodworking on furniture is a very specific work that we, at Cadore, just love integrating into our products. It imparts great merit and uniqueness to our pieces of furniture!

Let us though start from the very beginning: what is intarsio? It is a type of decoration that is part of the Italian tradition and the history of art in our beautiful country, which had its greatest prosperity in the 16th c.

Intarsia woodworking consists of placing precious materials of different colors, other than wood as well, one next to another; such as ivory, bone, mother-of-pearl, contiguously placed and perfectly matching into wonderful drawings and decors. This technique is also used to decorate caissons, caskets and doors.

Throughout the 15th c. intarsio was an artistic form generally used only in Italy and it was not until the 17th c. that this artistic works started to be applied in luxury furniture as decorative elements.

During the most classical period in the history of intarsio applied for the production of furniture, mostly in the area of Bassano del Grappa, woodworking consisted of creating specific and clearly defined drawings such as chess-boards and rosettes made of solid wood intended to immediately distinguish the style and origin of furniture pieces, which nevertheless put burden on their design.

The Cadore style, instead, by reflecting the company philosophy, gave intarsia contemporary spirit thanks to the research and experimenting with materials and drawings, which distinguish the production of both contract furniture and furniture for interiors.

A choice to make the creations more appealing and with a strong personality.

Therefore, let us make a review by placing one next to another different materials: metals (aluminum, copper), many types of precious wood and other precious materials such as mother-of-pearl.

In our next news edition we will take closer look at the luxury furniture of Cadore, which bear intarsia as their distinctive and particular character …stay tuned!

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