Originality and design with the luxury furniture of Cadore

Appreciating luxury and designer furniture really makes a difference when searching for a unique and original style to shape the space; integrating unique items of strong personality into the ambiance enhances and reinforces the chosen style by giving it added value. 

There are multiple solutions for the production of luxury furniture Cadore, which, thanks to the opportunity to customize the products, lead to the creation of ad hoc unique pieces of furniture intended for various projects.

Speaking of the character and personality of luxury furniture that is to be integrated into a living area or a passage area one could consider two wonderful elements like the consoles and the cabinets, which are often the principle actors in such rooms. Describing the cabinet in particular, one could say that it is offered as a very flexible solution and that even today it is still preferred when one wants to give an important touch to a purely passage area.

We present you our cabinet model FOR HIM: nothing banal about it!

This addition bearing the Cadore mark is the perfect combination of functionality and style, whose unmistakable character helps it stand out among the line-up of luxury furniture thanks to its strong scenic presence!

At first glance the eye is caught by the specific lateral opening of the doors, which was especially developed to underline the design continuity and specificity of FOR HIM because otherwise using a standard opening would have disrupted the continuity of inlay /intarsia/. 

In addition, like all Cadore furniture, it was given high quality finishes: chrome-plated metal insert and chamfered glass countertop, retro polish, specific technique to tint the glass so as to obtain a delicate vintage effect.

The inlayed doors outline the wing motif by contrasting geometrical lines thus imparting to this cabinet elegance and personality; woods of different origin and colors were used for the front panels: the darkest wood comes from sycamore tree in contrast to the wood Anigre frisè used for the lighter part and the border motif made of striped Eucalyptus.

The combination of all those different woods gives a true value to this luxury piece of furniture.

To emphasize the particular lightness of this piece of furniture our designer decided to lift it up the ground thus creating a specific base made of chrome-plated steel; seen in its whole integrity, the FOR HIM cabinet allows us to appreciate it for its completeness and harmony and also for its hint of a vintage style in a contemporary presentation.

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