Murano luxury kitchen: floating in the air with timeless charm

Let’s introduce a very special model of our luxurious kitchens which fascinates our customers with its timeless excellence. MURANO is a luxury kitchen model that goes beyond the traditional classical and contemporary concepts, with elements are derived from the craft tradition, being in harmony with the most innovative trends in modern design but reminding the past, and provided with all amenities, to the cooking space of which modern accessories and appurtenances can be added to make the kitchen completely functional.

Now, let’s take a look at more technical details to increase the kitchen value and get an even better idea of it. Facade doors made of solid wood frame, 25 mm thick, lacquered as per the selected finishing, can be two types: smooth mirror or diamond mirror types, adding a unique and luxury three-dimensional effect to your kitchen.

An interesting feature of this model is the precise hand-incorporated chromed metal insert along the entire length of the facade doors, at customer’s request, with special attention paid to the frame milling and the chrome-plated metal cutting within just several millimeters. The handles look elegant, discreet and almost invisible to the eye, for the metal insert of the same thickness. The cabinets and inner shelves of this luxury kitchen are made of 18 mm thick MDF panels, at the customer’s choice.

Contrasting materials: excellent combinations for this luxury kitchen

The island countertop of this special luxury kitchen is also hand-made from Carrara marble. The countertop’s metal insert slot is hand-beveled and milled and is located parallel to the marble to create an elegant and sophisticated effect, different from the traditional definitions of classical and contemporary style, making this composition unique. The eyes are attracted also by the decorative columns in the corners of the kitchen island, made of solid wood and offered with or without metal inserts. 

Further, the window doors offer innovative glassworks with a to-see-or-not-to-see effect: the double glazing between the two plates with a thick metal mesh is inserted amid, makes the perfect combination of two contrasting materials, emphasizing the elegant originality of our Murano luxury kitchen.

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