Metal working in customized furniture

Cadore stands out in the field of custom furniture to have always had an innovative vision and projected into the future in the realization of own furniture. In fact for several years regarding the use of raw materials in our products we have decided to relate different materials: therefore we approach the classic wood, some metals in the form of inserts, particular edges or details.

The processing and insertion of specific metals also serves to aesthetically embellish the achievements, for example with the contour of the profiles or with details on the drawers, which makes furniture more contemporary.

Many customers require us to insert mirrored doors in their customized furniture, their versions of cabinets, kitchens etc; in this case the metals are used to create the structure as a frame to hold the mirror, that otherwise simply made of wood would give a basic and a little bit trivial effect.

But what are the metals we prefer to work with and insert in our furniture?

The metals that we prefer to integrate into our products required in custom furniture, are mainly three: brass, aluminum and steel.

Brass based on the aesthetic style of the piece of furniture that we are going to produce,
we manufacture both in natural and in antiquated state rather than in a satin finish.

Aluminum instead we insert into a product intended for a more contemporary decor; it is a very malleable material, which allows us to wander with imagination and adopt the most different solutions. It is used in particular for processing at 45 degrees in the profiles, because once combined it is extremely pleasant to touch, unlike steel, for example, which remains a sharp blade and that during the cut heats and deforms, preventing a perfect union at 45 degrees and even creating a defect.

We prefer to use chromed steel favoring the workings that provide an insert, then combined with fine woods and different colors, this material guarantees unique results and great effect.

How can we make particular custom furniture?

In the custom furniture the different finishes make a piece of furniture unique that can also have a classical shape. So they involved the various metalworking.

There are two possibilities to give a colored finish to the aluminum: the first is anodization, which consists of a specific electrochemical process thanks to which the metal is protected from corrosion and at the same time receives color - for example, Milan kitchen; the second is the varnish coating, more suitable for small-sized products and with the same effect.

The varnishing is one of processing not suitable for all metals.

Another metal that we sometimes love to include in our furniture is raw iron, but we have chosen not to use it in the realization of furniture, or to carefully dose its use, because it gives a peculiar design tone to the piece of furniture that sometimes seems heavy and too particular.

We therefore dedicate ourselves constantly to the study and research of the most suitable material to the types of custom furniture to be made, to find the most suitable material both for aesthetics and for malleability and production feasibility.

We have decided to introduce metal working in our production lines because today we can define ourselves as experts in this field. We are equipped with an entire warehouse used exclusively for the management and processing of metals through the use of special machinery and saws for this type of finishes. If at the beginning we did experiments on individual products or prototypes, we have now refined the techniques and have achieved a professional and not improvised level in metalworking for your custom-made furniture unique and special in its kind.

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