Materials: the strong point of luxury furniture

One of Cadore Arredamenti’s strongest points is the use of a vast array of high-quality materials in its production of luxury furniture, starting from melamine, to German support to innovative decorative Made in Italy ones. We’ve spoken about them in greater detail in our previous articles.

Fine woods, accompanied by a growing use of materials, such as leather and metal, up to the best quality marble in the realization of particular finishes and embellishments for the most precious luxury furniture.

The use of these materials allows the company to make the traditional Italian craftsmanship of the beautiful and well-made more contemporary and adapt it to the needs of our time, for prestigious luxury furniture made to last.

In detail, a material such as corian is used to create precious, particularly resistant, aesthetically refined inlays. Moreover it can be easily worked by numerical control machines.

Metal in luxury furniture

Various types of metals can be used for decorations and embellishment elements for doors, panelling as well as various types of furniture. They can be processed by numerical control machines, in different types of finishes and colors. Read this article to learn more about metalworking in luxury furnishings.

In gold and silver leaf processing, used for example in some frame designs, the application is performed internally by specialized personnel. Solid wood is widely used to make some particular types of furniture, cabinet doors, frames and single hand-carved pieces.

The melamine panels are mainly used for productions destined for the hotel sector, where they are particularly appreciated for their extreme practicality when it comes to cleaning and maintenance in environments of intensive use; they are easy to work with, giving the possibility of obtaining excellent finishes in various colors, with a wide diversification of shapes and applications.

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