Luxury sofas by Cadore

The customized luxury sofas of Cadore are designed and manufactured after careful research. The sofa is a key element of furnishing designated for home comfort; it should be carefully chosen and placed in the context of the room given its importance, both aesthetical and functional. The luxury sofa adds personality, style and elegance, but also offers comfort! 

To complement the furnishing of the living room, Cadore offers a collection of unique and customized luxury sofas. Starting from the contemporary sofa model, chosen by the designer Carlo Alberto Rustighi, Cadore makes efforts to find the most suitable fabrics, so as to harmonize the sofa with the surrounding furniture in the context of a luxury atmosphere. 

Expensive materials for luxury sofas

Our search for materials is permanent and directed to the discovery of original and luxury fabrics that meet the customers’ requirements and their uniqueness of space, as luxury furniture with the Cadore brand, creatively developed and designed at 360°. Our luxury sofas are elements of furnishing giving an elegant look to the room.

Each individual Cadore’s product is carefully and precisely fabricated by hand according to the Italian manufacturing tradition recognized by the whole world: attention to detail, elegant and sophisticated style, the use of quality fabrics, dexterity and technique of our carpenters.

Here we present our Designer Line Sofa/ Pouffe, a unique product with designer legs and an unpretentious and well designed seat, made of expensive materials with ribbed finishing and lined with the same fabric as the seat in the length of the entire profile. The Pouffe Dick is a piece of furniture that is part of the production line of the Cadore’s luxury sofas, always elegant and refined, with distinctive lines and attractive and contemporary design!

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