Luxury furniture: Marble as a modern concept

The careful and comprehensive study of materials used in the manufacture of our luxury furniture is especially important to establish the right combination of design and functionality, aesthetics and innovation. Marble is the attractive material in our kitchens used as a classical concept for the countertop work-surface.

In the recent years, new materials and agglomerates appeared, trying to replace the marble for they are not so delicate and have even better performance, although they are not widely used since some people prefer the stylish charm of this noble material. Marble overcomes fashion, trends, and novelties. In our Murano luxury kitchens we, at Cadore, contrast it with chrome metal inserts; Carrara marble is used for the island countertop and for the whole kitchen.

The kitchen, however, is not the only scenario in which marble can be incorporated again to achieve a luxury, specific and sophisticated furniture: luxury furniture such as tables and consoles can be expensive accessories if made from certain types of marbles which are more valuable when hand-made. 

Which are the most specific and valuable types of marble for our luxury furniture?

Italy is among the major countries involved in the marble market and the Italian marbles are among the most luxury types worldwide, used both for architectural purposes and for the manufacture of luxury furniture; eg, the Botticino marble was used for King Victor Emmanuel II (Rome) National Monument and the Statue of Liberty (New York); carrara marble was used by Michelangelo for his works; other typical Italian marbles used worldwide are the red Verona marble, the Siena marbleand the Lasa marble.

But in the luxury furniture sector many other types of marble are also imported from all over the world: Africa, mainly from Egypt, Tunisia, Ethiopia and Algeria; Asia Minor, in particular, from Turkey; America, from USA, Mexico, Argentina, Chile and Brazil. Namely from Brazil comes the plate made of Green Rain Forest marble used as a countertop of our Milano luxury kitchen

Cadore loves to give style to its luxury furniture by using high quality materials that make our products unique; constant search for design and innovation which distinguishes us and satisfies even the most demanding customers.

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