Luxury and exclusive contract furniture for a B&B in the heart of Venice

A few months ago we took part in a project in one of the most fascinating cities in the world: we were in fact protagonists of the execution of contract furniture for an B&B in the heart of Venice.

We collaborated with architects and designers to design exclusive custom furnishing specially designed for the particular context, rich in history like Venice. The concept was to recreate the B&B environment with elements in Venetian style with some referrals to their typical characteristics but always with the same modern contemporary estethic feeling.

When designing contract furniture you have to always consider the functional aspects of the pieces of furniture, and in this context it is of fundamental importance to optimize the spaces but also to make it easier for guests to stay in the accommodation.

Contract furniture in modern Venetian style

Our intervention involved the entire structure including the rooms and the common room, used for breakfast. The floors are for the most part original in Venetian terrazzo in authentic Venetian style, a feature to emphasize and be taken into account when designing luxury furniture.

For the different rooms of the B&B we made the beds with the important headboards finished using artisan upholstery techniques and precious fabrics sometimes gilded to give the feeling of a precious luxury, solid wood canopy beds with refined valuable curtains, and sofas with upholstery of exclusive character; then again for the bedrooms, we have also created the bathrooms designed deliberately in a clean minimal style seeking maximum comfort.

In the common use room dedicated to the guests' breakfast we created comfortable armchairs and tables for modern contract furniture but with some references to Venetian style.

The supply of contract furniture with the Cadore Arredamenti name is a supply of luxury furniture designed specifically for hotels, furniture always tailored to the context and style that the customer desires; a guarantee for quality material, service, and the precious and sought-after made in Italy.

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