Italian luxury furniture, the Cadore intarsia

To continue the discussions on the intarsia subject, let us present the selected materials and styles that we have put into our production of luxury furniture.

The first intarsia work that Cadore made was on the first model of Ranja kitchen – it was a drawing created especially for that purpose and made of ash tree wood and brass – and in the following versions we introduced many-colored intarsia using mother-of-pearl and steel. Thus type of intarsio work is made using a laser in order to create a smooth to touch sheet to unite the materials.

The luxury Cadore furniture has style and esthetic appearance thanks to the characteristic touches and undisputable personality, mostly by daring to use new materials and to experiment with colors and finishing works with a somewhat adventurous spirit that provides constant motivation for the company to explore and research.

Our designer reviewed and further developed intrasio woodworking on the background of contemporary environment so as to give value to the unique style of our luxury pieces of furniture. In which Cadore furniture can we enjoy the innovation and particular features of intarsio woodworking? Further below, we shall take a look at some of them.

In the Cabinet For Him, in the Ray Of Light table, in the Burberry cabinet, the Shangay and Circle cabinets and in the For Many People table as well; the intarsio works were more or less simple, consisting of characteristic drawings and made of different materials that turn our luxury pieces of furniture into unique works with strong personality. For instance, the intarsio in Ray Of Light table was made using a corian; in Shangay and Circle cabinets though the intarsio works were not made by laser but by the hand of a craftsman.

Realizing the value of such woodworking, most of all when it is a craftsmanship, is a job for connoisseurs. Nowadays we are used to seeing all kinds of printed decorations and imagining a carpenter who cuts out and composes drawings on wood is something that could make us dream.

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