Glass processing for a customized piece of furniture

Another material of daily use in the production of custom furniture, especially if we are talking about luxury furniture, is glass, a material that goes very well with wood. We have decided to integrate it into our furniture production in its most varied finishes: mirrored, sanded, etched and smoked, sometimes enriched with specific workings using colored films or metal mesh - like the showcase doors of the Murano kitchen. However for the Ranja kitchen, glass is already decorated with avant-garde technology.

We like to be active in the continuous search for innovative and amazing solutions, we study and prototype furniture, where there are different couplings of materials that relate to each other in perfect balance, such as metals and wood, glass and metals, glass and wood, all with the sole purpose of creating luxury furnishings with a very high aesthetic sense.

The first uses with which we are comparing concerned the hotel industry, contract production, where the mirror often dominates the whole part relating to mirrors and bathrooms. Today the real tendency is to integrate the back-lacquered glass in furniture: it is sufficient to apply a primer that allows us to paint it in the color that we prefer!

Regarding aesthetics, glass is a material that goes well with wood and using this particular combination, we can give a special and contemporary touch by inserting it as a top of tables, cabinets and desks - see for example the top of the cabinet for him which is composed of gray lacquered retro bevelled glass.

We have applied particular use of this material in the new Murano kitchen where we expertly paired two sheets of glass and inserted in the middle of a wire mesh for an effect I see I cannot see unique and characteristic, so as to recall the ancient small showcases of the kitchens of the past time.

The choice of glass is not a technical choice but purely aesthetic one: glass option gives a certain lightness to the wooden piece of furniture. In a particular project realized in 2018 for one of our clients, we have designed and built a whole wardrobe in smoked glass with a coppered and bronzed structure. In this case, framing the glass in a metal profile was a solution both aesthetic and structural.

Another project of a custom-made piece of furniture for another customer inspired us to insert special glasses, a glass that is exposed to full light results in a reflecting surface, which instead becomes transparent in the dark. In short, we want to emphasize that on request we can incorporate glasses in the furniture with the most modern nanotechnologies, engineering the piece of furniture from the technical department to the executive part.

Thanks to our dedication to innovation, in recent years interesting collaborations have been born with partner companies with which we experiment new finishes and different uses of glass, which then following our aesthetic taste we offer to customers ready to face up luxury furnishings. The search for materials and their possible interactions in the final composition is the thing that allows us to engineer and to achieve an increasingly innovative product.

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