FENIX for the production of luxury furniture, what is it?

FENIX is a revolutionary innovative material, created for interion design in 2013 that has a unique high technological content in its features and is used as an alternative material for kitchen surfaces, doors and handles and also in the production of luxury furniture.

Something more to find out about this extremely resistant alternative material is that it can withstand not only scratches and bumps but also solvents and reagents. What is even more unique is that heat is its ally: not only does it not affect it but rather if there are superficial micro scratches on the finished product, it helps repair them, restoring the dense network of crossed polymers of which the surface is constituted (thermo-repairability).

What are FENIX’s features?

FENIX attributes its features to a series of processes like the innovative method of cold polymerization that includes the use of nanoparticles and hardened fixed acrylic resins of a new generation.

Hydro-repelant, hygenic and mold-resistant, here is a list of all of its features that make it a very interesting material for the production of luxury furniture.

Dimensional stability in the presence of high thermal variation


Stability to light

Self-supporting (for thickness of 6 - 8 - 10 - 12 mm)


High activity of reducing the bacterial load

Excellent intensity and depth of color



Resistance to rubbing

Resistance to impact

High resistance to acid solvents and reagents for domestic use


Low light reflection, extremely opaque surface

Soft to the touch

Thermal repairability of superficial micro-scratches

Resistance to dry heat

Resistance to scratches and abrasion

Easy to clean

Suitable for contact with food products

It is very suitable for the production of luxury furniture (kitchens, hospitality, furnishing elements such as tables, chairs, bookcases) for the wide possibility of customizing the projects including: sublimation printing, custom cutting, laser engraving, special colors.

A whole series of options that make the piece of furniture unique and personal, tailor-made for the customer who order it and opening up new visions in the world of luxury furnishings.

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