Continuing the story of the production of contract furniture

Let's resume the story of Cadore Arredamenti from our previous article. As we mentioned, the production activities of Cadore Arredamenti take place in a plant with an area of ••11,000 square meters in total, in addition to an external warehouse of 1,000 square meters.

It is a structure that could be defined as "semi-industrial", suitable for responding to the needs of various types, adapting its own production dynamics for large-scale projects as well as custom production for contract furnishing. The company is equipped with state-of-the-art production plants, diversified and dedicated to specific uses, such as the panel cutting area equipped with numerical control machines, or the department dedicated to the processing of solid wood, which needs great attention to the aesthetic appearance mostly for doors and panelling. In the detail design area, work and construction of furniture is carried out in a completely artisanal way, from pre-assembly checks to actual prototyping, especially in the case of hotel furnishings.

In the gluing area of luxury furniture, only water-based vinyl glues are used with care for the environment far surpassing the minimum standards required by the law.

Metal profiles for luxury furniture

A separate area is dedicated to the processing of aluminium, steel and brass profiles, where even cutting and bending activities are carried out in-house with our own personal machinery.

In the painting area, samples and color tests are carried out, the final painting of the furniture, furnishing accessories, wall panelling and so on, while in the retouching and packing area the final check of the single pieces is carried out, the possible final touches, the addition of the hardware, the handles, the hinges, up to the final packaging of the material following the customizations indicated by the customer who commissioned the contract furniture.

Contract Furniture: the Cadore Contract Division

The Contract Division of Cadore Arredamenti collaborates mainly with important contractors from the hotel, hospitality and congress sector for whom Cadore supplies furnishing for hotels, accessories, floors on design and upon request.

The furniture made by Cadore is found in prestigious internationally known hotels, such as the historic Hotel Plaza in New York, the Sheraton Hotel London, the Four Seasons Hotel in New York, the iconic Ritz Hotel in Paris, the Hotel ChevalBlanc/Le Caravelle, the Hotel Mont Blanc Chamonix, the Hotel Ma & Ma, up to the Novotel in Saint Petersburg.

Over the years Cadore has also created luxury furnishings based on an exclusive project for prestigious villas, thanks to the numerous contact opportunities favored by architectural firms, retailers, contractors who are already clients of the INTERIORS and CONTRACT divisions and by the same private individuals who have had the opportunity of visiting our showroom directly.

Among our most exclusive contract furniture projects of absolute excellence we are proud to have Villa Tabacci in Padua, Villa real Abu Dabhi, Pskov Castle, Villa Saad Al Otabi, Villa Mamilly France, Villa Emo and other private villas.

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