Calendering for Cadore furniture

We continue our journey through the various processes by which Cadore enhances its production of luxury furniture; we have seen in previous articles the inlay processing and the processing of glass. Today it is the time for metals calendering: a process that allows to transform curved, sheet and profile metal materials and to obtain conical or cylindrical shapes. Finding and testing new processes to give different and original shapes and finishes to our furniture is something that has always distinguished us.

Calendering is a process that Cadore performs internally in case the thickness of sheets or profiles intended for bending is minimal: we create a former mould and heat the metal to deform it and take the shape of curved furniture. If instead we need to bend metals of greater thickness, we turn to our loyal partners with whom we have been collaborating for years as they specialize in rough processing of the furniture only and then Cadore makes the finishes. It is in fact very important to be able to rely on suppliers that allow us to incorporate these particular processes and aesthetic effects into our luxury furniture. The aesthetic choice and the particular taste is reflected on every product bearing the Cadore signature.

Calendering in our luxury furniture

It is also our ability to engineer, our support in realizing the project from paper to reality
which makes us the ideal partner for designers and architects. Our continuous research of materials and aesthetics to always obtain original and unique results allows us to respond to designers' requirements because Cadore team does not stop in the face of new challenges, in fact it actively proposes alternatives and solutions. We arrive at the ideal solution also by making many tests and prototypes.

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