Cadore for contract furniture: engineering and prototyping

One of the services that Cadore has been offering for years to its customers with great satisfaction has been the production of contract furniture. Why is this bringing such a great satisfaction for us? It is because for the production of hotel furniture, Cadore has been performing engineering studies: quite often our customers just depict their ideas to us and staring from those ideas we work on to develop our know-how first by engineering and then by prototyping until the final and complete design of furniture is obtained, including its assembly on the site of installation.

Thanks to our complex company structure this type of projects are guiding us to the creation of completed set of furniture starting from a simple drawing, which is something that makes us very proud of the work we do and enhances it with new stimulation.

Having defined the details but before proceeding to the actual production process our technician will contact the customer to carefully take the exact measures so as to ensure that the custom-made product will perfectly correspond to the dimensions and will perfectly fit in the available room.

Undoubtedly this provides the possibility for unique customization of the hotel, as it should be: each hotel should have its own style and should radiate a personality that is characteristic only of itself, especially when luxury is concerned. Elegance, exclusiveness and comfort are demonstrated by our pieces of hotel furniture which contribute even more to make hotel guests feel at home with such cozy furniture.

Contract furniture on a world class level

Cadore has been working in the sector of contract furniture on a world class level so that its presence is noticeable in many luxury hotel chains situated in the most beautiful places in the world – Saudi Arabia, France, the USA, Tunisia, India, Italy.

The company team prepares the furniture for the entire hotel, from the rooms to the public facilities, from the spa area to the bar and to the production of doors and lining, the latter being made very characteristic and customized so that any luxury hotel would show them with pride and elegance because when they have been studied and integrated into the right ambience, they become its distinctive and unique trait.

As in all sectors of interest, we have been paying the same attention to detail in the production of contract furniture and the same concept to make unique the product that will become part of certain setting with personality by using precious materials and ad hoc materials.

The competence and professionalism which Cadore team managed to develop over the years matured into an important and undisputed added value, both in the aspect of showing the difference in complex and modular projects and also in the aspect of producing furniture for luxury hotels, which turns us into engineering and prototyping specialists.

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