Cadore Arredamenti, a partner for the design of your luxury furniture

Cadore Arredamenti is the ideal partner in the design and construction of luxury furnishings for villas, private residences and apartments. In fact, our company extends offers to architects willing to carry out their projects and move them from paper to reality.

Very often consulting an architect or designer for the design of furniture for your villa is the ideal solution not only in view of optimizing the available room according to your needs but also in view of conforming the furniture to the entire environment; stylish decoration conceived and designed carefully.

The architect will study the room and the client’s needs to figure out the style design to be realized in a residence considering also the surrounding area. He will then create a conforming concept and mood for the ambience to reflect the client's idea.

Luxury custom furniture ...

When an architect addresses us, he has only a sketch in his hand, an imprint of the furniture vision with a palette of colors and fabrics for the realization of the style he wants to create and which he wants to bring to life.

At this point there comes the Cadore luxury furniture proposal. Based on our experience, study and research of materials we shall suggest alternative solutions that blend well with the idea and style identified by the architect. Solutions and prototypes with different finishes and materials that expand the range of furniture available at the designer's choice.

The Cadore luxury furnishing proposals are not just an aesthetic choice of taste and unique value but sometimes they aim to optimize both time and costs. Each piece of work takes us on the way to new search always destined to give a quality result and value of originality by reflecting the designer’s idea.

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