Bespoke kitchen: here is our Milano

In a preceding article we described one of the Cadore luxury kitchens and this time we would like to continue presenting our furniture products by bringing to your attention the bespoke kitchen: our Milano model.

This is a bespoke kitchen of contemporary character, with doors of smooth wood and a frame of melamine particle board or blockboard, invisible recessed grid profile that won’t disturb the linearity, the clear outlines and the minimal effect. To emphasize the design, this luxury kitchen was equipped with aluminum plinth and an elevated top made of agglomerate plates, which materials allow the spread of a layer as thin as 2 cm. The merits that come as consequences of choosing engineering materials for contemporary kitchens consist in the possibility to facilitate the cleaning and the no need to absorb fats or other liquids that are normally used in any kitchen.

It is exactly the matter of custom-made products that may require ad hoc design in order to obtain the maximum room functionality there could be; in addition, this bespoke kitchen can offer the multiple choice of doors and more color variations which can also be made in diverse coatings - mat and gloss - so that we could satisfy the tastes of all customers.

Still this model is available to accommodate wooden doors offering the possibility to use tinted wood such as light-green common sycamore, which makes our service even more unique and exceptional!

The peculiarity of this model bespoke kitchen

The peculiarity of this model custom modern kitchen is due to the use of special marble as countertop for the kitchen island. As it could be seen in the picture, this is an excellently treated dark-green marble, having well defined veins which impart a physical effect; this type of marble is called Indian Rain Forest Green. In particular, our designer constructed this bespoke kitchen using one single marble block 3 meters long; this precious element is built into the composition and its importance grows from the very first visual impact and lets itself be admired in its whole majesty by not affecting the overall elegance of the ambiance, which only a true luxury kitchen is capable of producing.

Intending to bring into one the overall impression of his work, our designer constructed one exclusive leg in the shape of a lotus blossom made of bronze-plated metal and serving as support for the isle of this kitchen. The intention was to impart a bit of lightness to such a solid element as the marble countertop Rain Forest Green.

The result of finished composition is the one that you can admire on the pictures: unique, contemporary bespoke kitchen of a determined but still elegant and luxury character; a kitchen that could be adjusted to any room while keeping its exceptional characteristics. It will not disappoint you.

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