Another hotel chooses Cadore contract furniture

In creating contract furniture, one can take inspiration from a specific style or a particular combination of materials.

If so desired, we can design and make all the furniture just by starting from an initial design idea for an interior. Certainly, this is no easy process, but with the right means and the right skill and experience, this can result in a very well-defined and surprising result which is pleasing both in terms of aesthetics and quality. It often happens in the contract furnishing sector that you choose to follow a very clearly-defined style, or you may wish to coordinate with something that already exists, but a good interior designer should also be capable of proposing something that does not yet exist.

In the case of this latest project created for this particular hotel, we started from the design made by an architect from a well-known London studio, who simply came up with a basic furnishing idea. Generally, the aim is to organise the production of a number of pieces of furniture that can sometimes include fitting out more than 100 rooms. We propose a sample room to the hotel, in which we present our Cadore design concept.

From this point, the proposal will be carefully evaluated to clarify if this first sample bedroom fulfils all the necessary requirements to meet the designer's needs; in order for this to become a reality, we must also take into account a range of different criteria, which we will now examine in more detail.

The details of an innovative sample room

First of all, it is necessary to identify the potential materials to be used, which may be the same as those proposed in the initial design, and which fully reflect the colour or shading idea, be they fabrics, or perhaps glass or wood, or a range of types of particle board, or perhaps even marble.

We then have to bear in mind the intended use of the products proposed in the initial design; indeed, before moving on to the actual production phase, it is important to carry out a feasibility study which includes evaluating both the economic aspects and the purpose of use.

Below we describe some of the key stages in the production of the contract furniture for this hotel. The bed headboard was made with a special aquamarine-coloured mural painting (handmade by a professional painter) designed to be rough to the touch.

The bedside tables either side of the bed, which have been deliberately designed to be different from one another, were custom-engineered starting from a model that could not be reproduced for economic reasons, so we designed these two models with a strong aesthetic impact, a slimline structure and a spherical top in black and white Carrara marble, and black Marquina marble.

This is how the sample room for this hotel was created, and we are currently in the process of supplying them because they selected Cadore from among many suppliers since they appreciated our method of working as well as the creation of the exclusive design, which is also highly-innovative in terms of the materials employed.

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