An in-depth look at the Cadore production line

Today we want to enter the production line of Cadore, to show you up close and experience the complete process that our company employs for the production of luxury furniture.

It all starts with the furnishing orders we receive for luxury furnishings of houses, villas, hotels, from the creation of custom-made kitchens to the design of hotel rooms and living areas.

Depending on the type of order, an analysis is made of costs and alternative solutions that may be of interest to the customer; and once the assignment is confirmed, the technical office can proceed.

The sales consultant maintains direct contact with the customer and acts as an intermediary with respect to certain details such as the type of processing or the time required for completion. The nature of relationship between the sales office and the operative staff is supportive and based on continuous communication not only with respect to the client but also on more technical aspects such as the purchase of materials.

The production phases of luxury furniture

Once the design of furniture is confirmed for realization, it is sent into production; an operative expert is responsible to follow the processing steps with each employee and to monitor the product from the beginning of production to packaging.

The operative expert takes care of furniture prototyping in the case of furniture contract: when the prototype is actually ready the sales representative presents it to the customer to reduce production obstacles and slowdowns.

The production of furniture always starts from a very detailed and technical drawing in which not only shapes and processes are defined but also what materials to be used for each specific section of the furniture.

We are only at the beginning of the production line, we still have to go into the most practical aspects but for this article we stop here, inviting you to continue reading the next article in order to learn more!

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