Algeria, what a luxury! Contract furniture for Marriott

A new concept in hospitality is attracting the largest hotel chains: they no longer offer only hotel rooms but complete mini apartments for those who travel for work and need to stay for more than a few days in a location. Is this a business opportunity for the short-term accommodation market? Undoubtedly this means hotel chains can gain traction in a market which they have until now been excluded from, and also means they can offer accommodation with even larger floorspace which can enable guests to extend their stays. 

So this means guests can stay in a setting that provides them with a certain degree of independence, equipped with a well-appointed kitchenette, more open spaces offering more seating, and interiors with divided bedroom and living area. Such an offering could certainly be a winning formula.

Who is this new accommodation formula most appreciated by?

The number of clients having to move for work for long or short periods who prefer an arrangement that can offer them all the comforts and freedom of a home seems to be on the increase.

This means that a guest can feel as if they are in a home from home, where they can switch off and fully relax after a hard day’s work, which is just not possible within the confines of a standard hotel room.

Cadore, had recently commissioned to provide a complete range of furniture for one of the world’s largest hotel chains: Marriott International. The hotel in question is based in Algeria, and is a premises possessing very elegant and refined styling, for which we decided to choose materials with a strong aesthetic impact.

In order to produce the entire order totalling 150 units, decorative particle board was chosen in dark walnut, materials that are highly appreciated for this type of supply, owing to the ease of maintenance, and the limited cost.

The use of these materials also meets specific requirements regarding functionality and practicality, which need to provide the opportunity to enhance the furniture with fine finishes and details, such as the application of brass inserts.

They were then installed and complemented with a selection furnishing accessories, designed specifically for this contract, such as the round coffee tables with Carrara marble tops supported by an asymmetric base, and contemporary-styled chairs with fabric upholstery for the dining areas. The kitchen worktop is also very pleasing, and is constructed using particle board in a warm brown hue.

It is worth noting that we were entrusted with the management of this contract project by an Architect who had originally been engaged by the hotel management; by means of some simple concepts and photos, he relied on the expertise and experience of Cadore to transform everything into an end result which represents a perfectly harmonious blend of design and functionality.

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